Tea with Mimi

"Tea with Mimi" livestream shows

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, during the initial lockdown period, I responded to the isolation of the lockdown period by livestreaming from my living room. Starting in April 2020, I spent Tuesday afternoons performing solo flute repertoire and talking about it via Facebook Live on my phone. It started out very low-tech; I didn't even have a separate microphone at first. It felt so restorative to be able to share music and connect with people this way, and the large, global following and outpouring of lovely comments was very meaningful to me during those dark days. I'd enjoy a cup of tea, or occasionally coffee, during each episode, and would ask people to let me know what they were drinking as well as include their questions and comments in the chat. I kept the show going, even after the return of live performances, and acquired software to be able to host guests. The interview format, sharing music by my distinguished colleagues, is incredibly rewarding to do and I'm delighted that my audiences enjoy it too. Sometimes, I'll invite guests to talk about current projects with me or highlight the performances and album or video releases of Dolce Suono Ensemble. Please read on for a list of shows, with links, and follow me on YouTube and Facebook to receive notifications when I go live and add new content.

"Tea with Mimi #35 - with Diane Wittry, conductor [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #34 - with Tzvi Avni, composer [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #33 - with Col. Jason Fettig, conductor [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi #32 - with Troy Peters, conductor/composer [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #31 - with Zhou Tian, composer [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #30 - with Mary Javian and Stanford Thompson, performers, educators, arts advocates [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #29 - with Jennifer Higdon, composer [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #28 - with Jeffrey Khaner, flutist [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #27 - with Lucy Shelton, soprano [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #26 - with Ricardo Morales, clarinet, and Amy Oshiro-Morales, violin [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #25 - with Juan Carlos Lomónaco, conductor [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #24 - with Stephen Fisher, musicologist, and Jeremy Gill, composer, on works by C.P.E. Bach, Ravel, Barber, Gill [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #23 - with John Wittmann, Associate Vice President, Artist Relations, Yamaha Music USA [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #22 - with Charles Abramovic, pianist on works by Copland and Piston [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #21 - with Samuel Zyman, composer [YouTube, Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #20 - with Phillip O'Banion, percussionist on Bernstein's Halil [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #19 - with David Serkin Ludwig, composer [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #18 - with Adolphus Hailstork, composer [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #17 - with Daniel Dorff, composer [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #16 - on Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and his 4 African Dances [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #15 - with Samuel Adler, composer [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #14 - Dolce Suono Ensemble's Claude Debussy Centennial Festival "Pleasure is the Law" [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #13 - Dolce Suono Ensemble's Claude Debussy Centennial Festival "Between the Notes" [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #12 - American-French Connections [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #11 - Bastille Day [Facebook: Part 1, Part 2]

"Tea with Mimi" #10 - British Music, Mahler birthday July 7, 2020 [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #9 - Italian Music and Talk on Music in Dante's Commedia [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #8 - Las Américas (part 1) + (part 2) [Facebook: Part 1, Part 2]

"Tea with Mimi" #7 - Sorry, not available due to technical issues

"Tea with Mimi" #6 - American Music [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #5 - Music and Literature [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi #4 - Opera part 2 [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #3 - Opera! [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #2 - Dance! [Facebook]

"Tea with Mimi" #1 - Live Performance and Conversation [Facebook]