November 18, 2020

Mimi offers weekly “Tea with Mimi” Facebook Livestreams

"Tea with Mimi"

During the Covid-19 lockdown period in spring 2020, I started a weekly Facebook Livestream series called "Tea with Mimi," in which I performed solo flute repertoire and talked about it, engaging in viewers through the comments. It was a very meaningful way to stay connected with people during that very challenging time, and I was delighted to hear from viewers around the globe. I've continued the series, though not every week, and evolved it to include interviews with composers and other colleagues and sharing performances of their music. I've done 21 "Tea with Mimi" episodes, and counting. My latest episodes are below, with pianist Charles Abramovic, composer Samuel Zyman, and selected others, and you can see all of them on the video section of my Facebook page. Please follow the page, Dolce Suono Ensemble's page, and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified about my upcoming "Tea with Mimi" shows.

"Tea with Mimi" #1 (April, 2020)
"Tea with Mimi" #6 - American Music for Memorial Day