October 29, 2022

Mimi gives world première of Zhou Tian's Concerto for Flute and Orchestra" with the Marine Chamber Orchestra and Director Col. Jason K. Fettig

Mimi Stillman gave the world première of Zhou Tian's Concerto for Flute and Orchestra with the Marine Chamber Orchestra of "The President's Own" U.S. Marine Band and Director Col. Jason Fettig. It was a memorable event, with a phenomenal group of artists giving the marvelous new concerto its first performance.


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Rave reviews:

"Mimi Stillman’s scintillating premiere of Zhou Tian’s Concerto for Flute and Orchestra with the Marine Chamber Orchestra was a joy to hear.  Zhou’s concerto is the finest new flute work I have heard in many years.  It features the lyrical and virtuosic aspects of the flute which Mimi handled effortlessly. A concerto with many demanding passages flowed with ease. Col. Jason Fettig provided solid support from the Marine Orchestra.  It is a flute concerto deserving of more performances! "

"What happens when one combines a new commissioned concerto for flute and orchestra by Grammy nominated composer Zhou Tian, in a world première performance by internationally acclaimed flutist Mimi Stillman and the United States Marine Chamber Orchestra conducted by Col. Jason Fettig? Magic happens. The diversity of musical styles in the four movements beautifully showcases the flute’s range and the flutist’s virtuosity. The final movement, Toccata, is without being in any sense simple, simply exciting. Bravi!"

"Tian's Concerto was a wonderful new work, and beautifully performed by Mimi and Col. Fettig's Marine Chamber Orchestra. The third movement of Tian's piece ranks among the most moving and beautiful new pieces I've heard in years. Wonderful concert!"

As with certain athletes, Mimi brings out the best in other musicians. Her joy and excellence in the performance is infectious and all, including the audience, go away with a grand feeling of satisfaction. One expects a high level of excellence with music performances by Mimi Stillman. But with this world premier of a very difficult piece, Mimi not only showed full command of the music but a joyful interaction with Director Col. Fettig, the orchestra and the audience.

Zhou Tian, Mimi Stillman, Col. Jason Fettig

Photos: U.S. Marine Corps photos by Staff Sgt. Chase Baran/released

Mimi, Col. Fettig, and Zhou at rehearsal in the Sousa Band Hall at the Marine Barracks Annex

Stillman, Fettig, and Zhou with assistant conductors Maj. Ryan Nowlin and 1st Lt. Darren Lin

Rehearsal photos: Maj. Ryan Nowlin, Staff Sgt. Nishana Dobbeck